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Work Hard, Play Harder

One of the great things about what we do is it gives us the opportunity to travel the world together.  We love the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures, see beautiful scenery and meet new people.   Walt and Rhonda in Cozumel, Mexico

This is a picture of us in Cozumel, Mexico in 2013.  The craziest thing about this vacation 1) We didn’t pay for it, 2) We continued to earn money even though we were hanging out on the beach in another country,  3)  Our cell phones were locked away in a safe for 5 days so we could really enjoy our time together and all the things the country had to offer and 4) We had a deposit made to our bank account while we were on vacation.  How cool is that!

Most people are lucky to take one great vacation every few years which is how the term “Staycation” about.  We on the other hand take a tropical vacation EVERY YEAR and a bunch of mini-vacations throughout the United States on a regular basis.  We are firm believers in the concept “work hard, play harder.”  We also believe that EVERYONE deserves at least one AWESOME vacation per year.

In 2014, we traveled to Honduras (the picture on the front page shows us on the beach in Roatan).  In 2015, we’ll be traveling to Aruba.  Additionally, in the last two years our business travels have taken us to Miami, FL – Las Vegas, NV – Annaheim, CA – Atlantic City, NJ – Tampa, FL – and Orlando, FL just to name a few.  Whenever we travel on business, we spend 1-2 days doing business and then we take time to enjoy the city, the food and the sights.

We have a question for you…When was the last time you had a real vacation?  One where you got on a plane and headed somewhere to relax for several days?  No worries about bills.  No worries about your job.  No worries about the work waiting for you when you returned.

When we ask this question of most people, we receive a blank stare or the “Yeah, right” response.  So let us repeat, we believe everyone deserves at least one AWESOME vacation per year and that includes you.

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