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If you didn’t have that 9-5…

waltandrhonda.com/if-you-didnt-have-that-9-5What would your life be like if you didn’t have that 9-5?  That’s the $64,000 question and yes we’re showing our age with that statement – LOL!

But we’re serious, what would your life look like if it wasn’t dominated by your 9-5 or in most people’s cases, your 8 to faint.  You know, the job that has you to living paycheck to paycheck.  The same job that keeps you up at night wondering how you’re going to put the kids through college.

Here’s what a typical weekday looks like for most people:

Wake up at 6 am get dressed, get the kids ready, fed and off to school. Prepare to head to work  grabbing something to eat in the car, as you run out the door.  Next comes that unwelcome commute where you’re driving in traffic hoping there are no accidents so you can get to work on time.

Arrive at work where you realize that you have more work to do than you can possibly get done today, but you take a deep breath and get started.  Next up comes the endless meetings that interrupt your productivity, followed by getting assigned even more work causing  your stress level to rise.

Next up, you’re hungry but how are you going to get your work done if you take a break for lunch? After all, your manager wants a status update at 1:30 pm.  You decide to grab a sandwich and eat at your desk because you don’t feel you can take a full lunch break.

The status update takes longer than expected and you end up with yet another project assigned by your manager.  You rush to get to ready for your next meeting but also need to call and check to make sure the kids got home from school safely and that they have a ride to gymnastics and soccer practice.

Whew! You got the kids squared away and now you’re off to your meeting.  During the meeting you are wishing you were anywhere but in that stupid meeting! Now your daydreams turn to what you are going to make for dinner.  The meeting is about to wrap up and somehow you ended up with another project on top of the one from your manager and the pile of work that was waiting for you when you arrived at work.

You want to scream out loud because you are so stressed but somehow you maintain your composure.

Your manager calls you into his office 30 minutes before you are supposed to leave work and gives you your annual review.  You get the canned speech about your excellent performance and then he delivers the message that you are getting a 1.5% increase for the year.  WHAT?!?! 1.5%, what are you supposed to do with that?  How is that going to help you get some financial relief?

You leave work still stunned about the 1.5% increase, drive in traffic, stop and pick up pizza for dinner, arrive home, get everyone fed, bathed and off to bed. You have very limited quality time to spend with your spouse before you need to head to bed. Tomorrow, you’ll get up to do it all over again.  You’re exhausted and it’s only Tuesday…

But what if you didn’t have that 9-5 and you earned the same amount that you currently make?  What would you do?  What would your day look like?  Would your stress level drop?  Would you travel?  Would you take up a hobby?  Would you volunteer at your kids’ school or in the community?

What if we told you, there’s another way…A Better Way.  One where you could be your own boss, work from home on your schedule and make the same or more than your currently make working full-time for someone else.  Where you get to spend quality time with your family and decide when and where you work.  You might be thinking… Huh? Or the response we get from most people, Yeah, right!

The reality is, there is another way and many people who own home based businesses live the lifestyle described in the previous paragraph.  Unfortunately, most people have been programmed to go to school, get an education and work for someone else.  But there is another way…being an home based entrepreneur, specifically a direct sales professional.

That’s the route we decided to take and it has changed our lives forever.  Read our story and you’ll see that there really is another way…A Better Way!

Photo credit:  Sage relaxes contentedly by sage ross is licensed under CC By-SA 2.0