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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is IDLife?
-A direct sales company based in Frisco, TX

How long has IDLife been in business?
-The company began operations in 2014

What does IDLife mean?
-The name comes from the concept of an individually designed life because we are all unique.

Is IDLife publicly traded?

Who runs IDLife?
-Logan Stout (CEO), Mark Bennett (COO and Chief Counsel), Joe O’Connor (CFO) – Meet the Executive Team

What do I receive when I sign up as a new representative?
-Training kit with marketing and support materials, one on one training from a proven leader, personal website and the ability to market all services

What are the advantages to starting an IDLife business?
-An opportunity to share products with people to help them get healthier. The ability to earn additional income marketing high quality products. The opportunity to be part of a winning team and have a ton of fun!

How do I get started?
-Click here and use select a starter kit. A credit card or debit card will be required to complete the sign up process.

Are there any additional fees?
-Your website will cost $24.95/month and you will need to have $100/month in personal volume (your purchases plus your customers’ purchases) to be considered qualified and active.

How do I get trained?
-Weekly training via conference calls, your IDLife back office has training videos, one on one training with me as well as local and national training is available

What if I have questions after I get started?
-The IDLife representative advocates are available Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (CST) to answer questions

How do I make money with IDLife?
-15 different ways to make money including weekly bonuses, residual income, car allowances, global pool, etc.

How much are the weekly bonus checks?
-That depends upon your personal and team volume

How much are the monthly checks?
Monthly checks are calculated based upon the overall total qualifying volume that you and your team develop

How much can I earn?
-There is no limit on the income that you can earn

How much do I get paid when I sign up a customer?
-It depends upon the amount of product a customer purchases

How does IDLife track commissions?
-Via a state of the art, multi-million dollar software system

What are the perks or benefits for top producers?
-Yes, all expense paid vacations, car allowances, global pool bonus, additional residual income payout

Is IDLife a pyramid scheme?

Do I need to become a health and wellness expert?

How much time do I need to put in to become successful?
-There is no specific amount of time that the company requires. Your results will be a direct result of your efforts

Why is it important to get started as soon as possible?
-Because timing and positioning are the keys to being successful. Opportunity waits for no one.

How can I pay for my initial investment and monthly website?
-Credit card or debit card

What products does IDLife offer?
-Click here to see the specific product line

Why should I use IDLife products?
-To have a customized nutrition plan that is designed specifically for you, for better overall health,

How does someone order products through an IDLife representative?
-By going to the representative’s personal website (set up by IDLife) and selecting the products they want to order