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About Us

Walt and Rhonda JordanWe are Walt and Rhonda Jordan and today we own a successful home based business that generates a solid six figure annual income and operates in numerous cities and states.  But, it wasn’t always that way! 

Prior to getting started in business, Rhonda was a Certified Public Accountant working 60-70 hours per week in corporate America.  Walt played basketball for Purdue, in the NBA and in Europe prior to retiring.  He then went on to run a number of businesses as well as follow his passion of coaching youth basketball and helping kids get to and through college. 

Walter has helped 70+ kids attend college on basketball scholarships.   He continues to give back by operating a nationally recognized Youth Basketball organization Team Impact which has more than 150 girls and boys currently playing on 12 teams.

Although Walt and Rhonda were living a decent lifestyle the long hours working in corporate America and Walt having open heart surgery in 2006, made them take a good hard look at what they really wanted out of life.

After Walt’s surgery, they quickly determined that they wanted to start a home based business in the direct sales industry.  They chose direct sales because they had both previously run and had past success within the industry.  In June 2009, they began their business working part-time.  Within 3 years, they had achieved a top position which allowed them to pursue their business full-time and generate a significant six-figure income from home.

Today they enjoy a 30 second commute, set their own hours and can work when and where they want to.

Watch their promotion before 8,000 people in the video below

What Walt and Rhonda are most proud of is the ability to help other people achieve the same type of success that they now enjoy. They work with people from every professional background you can imagine as well as college students and those who have already retired.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start a successful home based business where you can be personally mentored by Walt and Rhonda, enter your information into the form below.  You’ll receive immediate information that provides details on their business and if you like what you see, Walt and/or Rhonda will arrange a personal conversation to provide more information and answer your questions.

Would you like to give up your daily commute, the endless meetings, corporate politics, long hours and 2% annual raises?  How about trading that for time with your kids, spouse and working from home, setting your own hours and having the ability to earn an income that matches or exceeds most Fortune 500 executives.

We believe that you are reading this page for a reason and not by happenstance.  Take the next step, fill out the form.  Your future can be different based upon your next move.  Go Ahead and Fill out the Form!